I used to say "Good Grief!!" in exasperation at work and one of my
supervisors said aptly enough, "Carole, there is no such thing as good
grief." I would give him the "who asked YOU"? eye and go on with
whatever rant or assignment I had in front of me..whichever fits.

  Anyway, as far as Miss Catt is concerned, this bad episode was good grief.  Why?  Because it got her to a best Vet (SO glad he is there now) who diagnosed what the matter really was
and better still, fixed it.  I thought it was something else, because
the other Vets who saw her did not know what to look for and missed her
debilitating problem for a long time. It very hard on her.  I am happy
to be wrong in my diagnosis.  And I think I need to hang up my Vet
shingle as I am not good at diagnosing.  I was sure she was hanging on
by a thread and really she was in a fever drinking mass quantities of
water among other things, besides exhibiting the really scary symptom
Sunday night.  I don’t think she could have gone on a lot longer as the
problem had hit a pinnacle.

 The good of this came about as I implied, by her having a complete
major blood workup and finding she is as fit internally as the kitten
she was.  Apparently feeding her premium food pays off in health.  But
the real, not imagined by me problems were addressed and she is better
each passing moment.  Me..I got up and down the stairs several times at
my good friends house without too much trouble so my knee is
improving.  The cat is still mad however but not as much.  That caps
that twin adventure off.

Moving on.. I was glad DWTS sent Maurice home.  It will break my heart
to see Cody go, so I hope it is Warren next.  Competent, but not a
champ. Cody is amazing.  I think Lacey should be booted off and take
Maxim with her.  She is a whining witchy so and so.  He’s just full of
himself and unpleasant.

Hopefully by this weekend I will be able to at least get on my treadmill.  That’s another thing..I have missed my activity. 

I made a reservation for all of us at one of the town’s better
restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner.  One reason is, since no one (but
me) likes ham, we always have the same feast Thanksgiving and
Christmas.  Everyone in my family is picky about food.  The traditional
foods, many of them are enjoyed by maybe one or perhaps two..so..I
don’t make those which are not enjoyed by the table full unless I am
honoring that son etc. So..I gave up several years ago and we go out. 
It’s worth it and no work for me.  I just do it on Christmas.  I made
the reservations a while ago..we are good to go.  I will however make a
cake and a pie.  We’ll do the traditional turkey with gravy, stuffing
and so on Christmas.  It’s one of those only times really that I wish I
had a dishwasher.  Those at the end of my wrists make do though.

Ah…someone came out and wants to be PETTED!! And is purring.  BYE!