Here is the menu for Thanksgiving.  A little something for everyone.  This is the menu at the restaurant we are going to.  I will make desserts though for afterward.  Assuming our bellies can hold any.


Breast of Turkey w/ giblet gravy

Carved pineapple glazed ham

Carved café round of beef au jus

An array of salads

Cranberry sauce

Coconut shrimp. Oyster & thyme dressing

Southern style cornbread stuffing

Mashed potatoes Fromage. Green beans

Walnut and maple glazed whole yams

Fresh steamed broccoli florets

Cauliflower and carrots with fennel

Assorted dinner rolls and butter

Array of desserts


Yum.  I’m already anticipating. 


We have an inch of rain here where I live.  Took several days to get it but that is the best way.  No pounding rain that runs off.  This soaks in.  Thing is, I had paid to get the first fall of leaves blown and raked up  yesterday and the rain knocked off many more last night and today.  If you will think back to those videos in the summer that I posted, you will remember I have a huge number of trees on my property and the requisite deep leaf cover when they fall.  Up to one’s shins.


Someone with 4 feet decided all is forgiven and I had company last night drifting off to sleep and a very loud awakening this morning. Ahh, just like old times.  Her appetite has returned too.  Hm.  She was in there shredding my fleece blanket by rushing around like a mad thing all over it.  But, better than what she was doing this past week.


I have a thought about a question/opinion blog I may do here shortly.  I will appreciate input from you all i.e. feedback when I do. 


I seem to be having problems with Mozilla this past week.  Not sure why.  I think I will just stay here on I.E. until something gets resolved.  That fake alert keeps showing up— only on the blog and only on Mozilla. 


McAfee keeps saying it’s taken care of.  I think there is something on Spaces, I swear I do.  We’ll see if it shows up using I.E.  So far, so good. Scans show nothing amiss.  *shrugs*


Today marked the end of my pet sitting for my good friend.  It was a pleasure.  Four days of five sweeties glad to see me and showing appreciation.


I want fudge!  YUM.  I just had a craving for that.  No way will I make or buy it though.  I’d burst eating it all. 


See you on the other side of the page…