My adventures today are as follows:
Previously, I had bought a shelf organizer and found it was too tall so I brought it back for a refund.  As I stood in the lobby to get the little sticker on it from the door greeter person before entering the store, another lady also waiting asked me what that was I was carrying in.  I told her and pulled it out of the bag.  She decided she wanted it, so believe it or not, I sold it to her while we were standing there!  Of course I had the receipt so it was easily done.  Take about convenient and a benefit to both, that was certainly a different experience.   I went in anyway to look for some Tums.  On the way out without the Tums and  at about $45.00 worth of other things…sigh…I left the store to see two elderly folks standing behind my car.  I feared the worst.
 They looked expectantly at me as I was approaching and so I looked immediately at the other side and the back of my vehicle once I arrived at my vehicle.  Nothing wrong, so I asked them as they were still standing at my bumper, was there anything I could do for them and was something wrong.  Turned out they had locked themselves out of their car and could not find their keys anywhere. Could not see them in the car nor were they turned in anywhere.  This couple was at least 80 years of age bless their hearts. 
I asked if I could assist by taking them somewhere or lending them my cell.  They asked for the cell phone.  I asked (I carry a phone book in my car) if they needed a number and she said they were going to call 911.  I explained that was not a good idea and that was not what the police are for.  I offered to find and did find the local locksmith number and showed it to them.  She insisted on calling the police.  I asked that she not call 911 then and to please just call the regular non enmergency number.  They told her to call a locksmith.  I showed her the number again and we got that settled.  Whew.  It never fails to amaze me the people who think 911 is the answer.  Please don’t call that number unless it IS an emergency.  Think first.  Each one of those calls takes away time and availability for real emergencies. 
Then, after I got them settled back in the store since the locksmith was not going to be able to arrive for a good 2 hours…I got in the car to back out to leave.  Some lady was right exactly behind me …signal light flashing expectantly, just knowing she was going to slide right on in my parking place.  I waited.  She stayed there.  I waited some more.  Yup.  There she was…patiently blocking my total exit path!!!  I undid my seat belt, got out and went  to her window and signaled her to lower said window to explain that I could not go anywhere if she didn’t move.  Good grief.  She said sagely, "I’ll back up so you can leave".  I felt like pinning  a blue ribbon on her for perspicacity.
Driving home in the foggy foggy dew (had to put it that way…that poem went through my mind) several folks temporarily in front of me  came to an almost stop in order to make a very leisurely turn around a corner. 
Made it home and called them up since I forgot to speak to a manager before I left, and asked to speak to the clothing dept. manager.  When they answered I asked very nicely if they would consider upgrading a bit to the sort of women’s clothes they used to have before they remodeled.  I said that in  the past year, the missy, Junior and even the plus sizes look like what I imagine is prison ware.  Very plain and bland. 
I am still thinking about points I hope to make for that blog to come I mentioned yesterday,  Meanwhile I am about to input more photos on that digital frame.  Live long and prosper!