My goodness, what a nice day.  Oldest was here for overnight and went back noonish today.  But I stopped by the youngest’s home as well so as to give him some things I felt he could use at his house.  I also had the CD that I had made from my dad’s movie.  There was his plus a Super 8 that my one of my sons did as well.  This time the work to have them transferred was almost $48.00.  I didn’t expect it to be that high.  But then, the last several movies were much shorter.  Perhaps that’s why. 

I am satisfied nevertheless as I got to see Dad when he was in his 30’s, my older brothers at about 10 years old and me a baby running around.  I got to see my mother too.  She was taking pictures of Dad while he had the movie camera turned on her.  It was such a joy to see the entire family.  I was so happy and it took me back to that house and that time so easily.  We were all duded uo so it had to have been a Sunday.  I even got to see BooBoo our bull dog.  He was holding onto a thick stick that Dad held out and BooBoo was swinging round and round through the air.  I do recollect that he loved to play like that.  For me, I remembered just this second that I use to follow BooBoo with a little ice cream cup and wooden spoon and try to curl his tail with my home made setting lotion.  A useless and futile enterprise as he had a short typical bull dog tail, docked, and my setting gel was mud I had  mixed up in anticipation that this time I would surely get just the right strength of mud to set that little stubby tail into a curl.  Sigh.  Kids.  What can I say?  Poor BooBoo. He put up with a lot from us and never offered to let us know that he had had enough.

It has rained the livelong day, all last night and we needed that rain very much.  I don’t think that this years deficit is taken care of yet but we are only lacking a few inches to be even.  Last years horrible deficit is still there with the results of the drought everywhere.

This is the star atop Mill Mountain in Roanoke Va..  I believe I told you about it last year,  One if my boys was there a few weeks ago,( the old homestead, Roanoke), and went up to the top of Mill Mountain and took the picture.  It brought back many good memories as always.  On the more somber side of the trip he visited the cemetery where my mother and her parents are buried.  I have some newer pictures now of the sites and he took flowers.  It did my heart a lot of good to see them and know he did that because he wanted to.  I knew nothing about it till I got the pictures.

There is a big railroad yard in Roanoke and he took a picture of the old old N&W train car for me.  Gosh, that thing looks awful, beat up and old sitting there all by itself.  It’s ancient I guess, but I suppose that they didn’t want to destroy it. 

 Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend.  My day was super starting from yesterday. 🙂  You all take care and see you later in the evening.  I have been by quite a few already.