I was reading a blog friend’s entry where she
related that in the process of cleaning up and getting their place ready after a little damage had come to it from a tree
falling, her hair had gotten singed.  She said she kept smelling singed
hair, checked herself, her bangs etc. and couldn’t find where the
trouble was till later when she finally noticed exactly where the
singeing occurred.
It put me in mind of last summer when a work friend
came over to do some work for the house.  I was anxious to try my new
grill.  I had only fired it up like once till then.  (who had time with
a schedule like mine!?) So I was looking forward to an excuse to fire
it up and grill some steaks.
I had the table set and everything ready for the
grill.  When I got a call that he was on his way, I went out to start
the grill.  Let me tell you right now, it is a gas grill.  So.  Steak
at the ready, I removed the grill cover, opened it up and hit the auto
ignite several times after turning on the gas and following
instructions.  Nothing happened so I had to wait a few minutes for the
gas to clear the area before I tried again.  And..again, the auto
ignite failed to work.  Nothing left to do but use that long lighter
and apply the flame to the tiny opening and light it that way.  Yup.
So, I turned on the gas…turned on the burnerS..that’s burnerS..not
a single burner..and then fumbled around trying to get that safety
conscious long lighter thingy to work.  Well, I finally got it lit and
in the hole.  And WHOOOOSH!  Flames rose up with enough force to blow
my bangs up in the air..and I smelled burning. 
Oh, the grill was lit..that’s for sure.  I went into the house grateful I COULD go into the house and assessed the damage.
Not too bad I thought as his truck rolled into the driveway.
I opened the door..still reeking of burned hair and
laughing.  He was horrified and said " Did I not TELL you…NEVER do
that with the gas turned so high and BOTH burners lit!???"  Um…yes. 
I forgot.
Oh the dumb unthinking things we do sometimes.  That was one of my ‘better’ ones. 
I got the steaks on and the taters baked but in the
excitement, I forgot to season the steaks.  But he was very nice about
it anyway.  He asked for ketchup and this time I wasn’t insulted.  That
was THE most bland steak ever!