Howdy!!  I have just finished wrapping all of the Christmas presents that I have accumulated so far this year,.  Very glad to get that out of the way.  Of course there will be more to buy but at least this much is done.  One large leaf and lawn bag is almost full of traditionally wrapped gifts and there are 5 decent sized gift bags.
I missed the Weight Watchers meeting last week as that is when I had Miss Catt up on the rack at the Vet’s.   So today was another meeting day and I did go on over and weighed in.  2.7 pounds off.  That amazed me as I expected to be the same if I was lucky or having gained if I was not lucky. This is coming off extraordinarily slowly.  My goal is different from most however.  I just didn’t want to gain any more.  So to have lost 9 pounds total to this moment in time is better than continuing to gain (the smoking cessation dealie I spoke of).
OH!!  I wore that other black top I went on and on about in my blog a few weeks ago when I bought it.  I have one I have called
"The" black top and this one rivals it if not exceeds it.  Ooooh LA LA!!  I looked so good if I say so myself.  It is  a black matte jersey top with a scoop neck, 3/4 length sleeves with a tie..not just any tie but a flat matte jersey knit tie at the end of each sleeve.  Elegant. 
I wore that with skinny jeans, black boots. Lots of sterling silver chunky jewelry (I always do sterling with black clothing) and my gosh, my hair day was another oooh la la.  I was out to eat and that is what I wore. 
I was looking at new digital cameras today.  I am looking forward to having better resolution with the next one.  I have not decided which I want however.  There is plenty of time.  I will have to go to an SLR of I want better photos.  I want a polarized filter too.  Can’t do that without a lens that will support one.  Point and shoots are out.  Still thinking.  It’s that learning curve I mentioned if I get a digital SLR.  I may have to dust off a few brain cells. 
Meanwhile, little Missy is doing great .  She is more beautiful than ever..ready to assume her duties as President of North America!!  She really is more beautiful than ever.  That illness and fever made her fur dull and almost oily looking,  Now..she looks like a zillion dollars. 
I have been gone or otherwise occupied all the live long day.  But I have been to see some of you.  Have a super evening.  (((HUGS)))