I titled it that way because I will comment on DWTS just as I always do.  I hated to see Cody go and I think he got a raw deal from the judges.  He took the heat for Julienne’s choreography.  I have hardly voted these past 2 weeks as they all are so-so to me except Lance and Lacey were super!  I still don’t like her but that was a heckuva two dances.  The  young kids were superb as usual.  I want all 3 pairs to win!!
The only singing that did anything for me was Aretha Franklin singing two that even *I* know.  (Yes, I really do come from another Planet…I’m just guesting here on earth). Through the years, if it wasn’t Classical or hard rock..I didn’t hear it.
I found and posted a picture of a white cat wearing  rollers in her hair.  I thought of that as an example of how feminine and gorgeous Miss Catt is.  Miss Catt and I are two very girly girls.  We like the rollers to make our hair stunning, and while she is in no need of make up to look heartbreakingly beautiful, she does approve of me wearing some.  She is all about enhancing our eyes.
I found some music the other day that is so good it keeps me company while I work.  I wrapped all those Christmas present to it…played thru the CD  twice to get it all done.  Nope, Greggers, I don’t do a perfect gift wrap with perfect matching bows.  I am worse at wrapping than the kids are.  All of us would rather just toss the store bag containing the gift at the intended recipient and have done with it.  For birthdays and so on, we have all been known to do that.  Hey, that’s what happens when you are reared by a mama who was reared by three guys, 2 bros and a dad. No frills. Daddy was known to toss a slice of bread across the table to my brothers or me too for that matter if we said to pass the bread.  I can hear the horrified gasps from all of you all the way here.  We thought it was funny and it got the job done.  (No, we do NOT do that at home here.  That was him.  This is me)
However..after having said that, I am extremely particular about my appearance etc etc.  As I said, I somehow managed to be a girly girl despite everything.
It is cold..my knee still hurts in the back and on the side.  I may have to make an appointment after all.  I detest going to the doctor or getting put up on the rack for repair.  Anything that interferes with my constant state of motion is not anything I volunteer for.  But the pain in my knee makes me rethink that. Oh well,  We will see what happens.
Go do something you have been putting off.  You’ll feel so good when you’re done with it.