My goodness..did the rest of you see that little news item on about the hottest selling item in Japan for men?  A man bra.  I am not kidding.  Guaranteed that if I ever saw the delightful expanse of a man’s chest encumbered by such a thing I would not only run, I would scream first.
I know only a few of you in the blog family who live in States with the SEC have noticed that I have not been cheering on our University of Tennessee Vols.  Nothing to cheer as they have lost almost every game this season.  It is almost as though they took 8th graders or something and set them out there with the other SEC teams.  Very embarrassing game-wise and this time they fired the Head Coach.  There was and still is controversy regarding the timing of the firing but nonetheless, he was fired and if he chooses he can stay on in another capacity in the University Athletic Dept.  It’s up to him.  He IS to this point still the winning-est Coach in the SEC.  But as a QB can’t win a game on his own without support and gamesmanship on the part of other players on his team..the Coach can’t win games just by coaching.  Someone has to step up and play. Didn’t happen. 
Finally, I will offer that the contention is, the Head Coach should have fired the newly hired coach for the defense.  He is not getting the job done.  And again, the players have a huge part in this.  But our head Coach is a thoroughly nice guy who is loyal and this is how he reaped the "reward" of his loyalty to his under coaches and players.  He got fired. 
It is 20 degrees out there.  If my knee was OK I would head off up the street.  As soon as I get my face on, I will call the Dr. office to see if there is a chance to be worked in before Thanksgiving.  If not, I will go to the walk-in clinic.  This thing hurts like a toothache.  Looks like my stalwartness (made that word up) is definitely not paying off.
Meanwhile, I’m glad that you enjoyed the cat picture I found and posted.  It was so much like me in my girly things I had to put it up to see here. Did my nails last night.  Pale pink.  Like?
Oh, did I tell you how to tell you have lost some weight?  Your jeans get longer..enough to scrape the ground as you walk…and you have to yank up the straps on an undergarment.  You don’t need a scale to know you lost weight when your jeans get to where they are scraping the floor.   I have another 10 to go to get where I was when I quit smoking.
Keep warm, those of you who are in the cold States like me..and those of you who aren’t in cold States..lucky you.