This is the beautiful heart shaped box that Toodie sent me along with a custom puzzle of the lovely Miss Catt..  To say I was thrilled is not doing my feeling on opening the box justice.  I was overwhelmed with the beauty and intricacy of the box and the sweetness of the puzzle. 
Me’n’her had the puzzle assembled before long and we have admired it since.  I will take it apart again so that my grandson can have the pleasure when he gets here Tuesday.  Toodie, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It is almost as beautiful as your spirit is.   Thank you so much my friend. 
Miss Catt had to take to her bed…well, MY bed, but hers by default (and on MY side too along with MY pillow as well!!) (shameless hussy!) after helping assemble the puzzle.  She was exhausted! 
This beautiful day, freezingly cold, crisp and sunny is beckoning.  My knee is slightly better this morning without anything but my usual Tylenol. So I must be doing better. That will be the last time (2 weeks ago Saturday) that I start down the steps with both arms filled and not pay attention. 
Have a good day.  You will if you fill your heart with gratitude for all that you have and the Source of it.