When you have purchased something and then you offer a bill in an amount larger than what you owe, .I wonder why clerks, cashiers, et al almost 100% of the time will give you your change in this way:  Count out all the bills into your hand, add the large paper receipt and then, pour on any change you have coming on top of the while shebang.  The change always makes a graceful sweeping arc falling off the slide the paper makes, and then onto the floor.  Or worse still, the asphalt if it is a fast food place.  Then you’re left with hauling yourself out of the car and trying to retrieve the change.  I don’t mean a penny or so..I mean enough to make it really annoying to leave there lying on the street side, so you have to get out and get it.  Why do "they" insist on piling change onto the paper money and receipt?  Do I just stand there helplessly?  Do I even have to answer that?  No I don’t.  I take my hand away while they are in the mind of putting the change atop all that, and put my paper money in my wallet, then extend my hand for the change explaining why.  Does it help?  Why, no.  Of course not but it makes me feel better and I don’t have to do a dive to retrieve my change.
I wonder why a sales person will ask you if you need help and of you answer in the affirmative, they drift away like leaves in a gentle zephyr and no help is forthcoming. 
Gotta wonder too, why a person after seemingly putting a lot of thought into turning left against 5 lanes of traffic, would glide their vehicle out of a parking lot and spang into the oncoming traffic, sitting there blocking and halting two lanes of traffic while they wait to make a leisurely turn into the other two lanes.  It must be that "It’s all about me" syndrome kicking in again and that pesky "I won’t..I will NOT under any circumstances  make a right turn and go one block down to make my turn safely at a traffic light" thought process kicking in.  You reckon?
I wonder what’s up with those who just take a notion to go out into the roadway and just steer right on out into it..regardless that you are almost occupying the space they just appropriated for themselves.  Hm.  I’ll have to ponder that.  Hm.
And too,  you have to wonder what on earth makes an eye shadow applicator flip out of your fingers mid application and into the open maw of the commode?  Inevitably.  Sometimes though, it will surprise me by landing on the floor behind the commode necessitating getting on all fours and inching back toward the wall to just get it to throw away.