I’ll be bound!  I was checking the coffee can to see how much was in there before I made out my grocery list.  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I am the last in the USA not to have noticed the further downsizing.  And this downsizing of the amount in there nowadays took place several months ago.  I have read that the manufacturers did not want to raise the price in these hard times, so they further shrunk the amount in the container instead as their cost savings and ability not to charge you more. Thing is, with less, you’ll have to purchase more. 
 I have been aware for a good twenty or so years that our "pound" of coffee ceased to be a pound.  That our pound of bacon also ceased to be a pound.  Now..it’s anywhere from 9 to 12 ounces.  I haven’t been unaware that long.  But I have been unaware these  newest changes the past several months.
By the way, those of us who want to monitor our salt and fat intake..have you compared the store brand canned veggies with the national brands?  A significantly higher amount of fat, cholesterol sometimes and certainly sodium are in there, not to mention a higher calorie content.  One of those ‘you get what you pay for’.  BUT..if it makes a difference in what you can afford to buy and keep your family fed..then all that little concern goes out the window far as I’m concerned.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Roger?
Just that I finally did see the fewer ounces our cans of coffee are nowadays.  Now this is for Wal-Mart’s brand and other non premium brands.  I don’t drink the costly stuff so no idea what it costs or how much is in there.
You all of you know what it’s like to open a gigantic box of cereal to find it two thirds full.  When the makers were first challenged about that, they claimed they needed that huge amount of space as a buffer against crushing.  Yeah, and I have a bridge I want to see you in Arizona’s deserts too. Some folks don’t mind.  I simply think if you are going to change something about the representation of your product (manufacturers) then you should tella fella and not sneak.
Don’t forget icecream.  Used to be a full half gallon when you bought that size.  Now..48 oz.
I have my passport picture here.  Taken last year.  I like it.  Now I need to get a passport!  Again.  Been a while.
The boys will be traveling over the mountains straight to me tomorrow night.  I already made the deviled eggs for the snack when they get here. 
Have a good’un dudes and dudettes.