Oh goodness..I get so very tired of the media and their total overkill and beating to death of every little thing over and over…endlessly.  In my opinion, it is whatever alarms the populace..that’s the meat of their day. 
Yes, we have problems in the world and right here where we are.  But the continuous unrelenting flogging of the issues..as in constantly telling us at every opportunity what the stock market is doing and their idea why and where everything is headed  (they always make it the worst possible outcome) just adds fuel to the fire much as in  the proverbial shouting the word ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre.  Say something enough times and emphasize it enough times (like morning noon and night) and yes, you will alarm those who only get their opinions from what is stated on the news.  Some folks don’t want to gather other sources and compare and will just grab their news of the day by the National news on TV.  The TV news is always like a dog returning to its vomit..going straight for the worst possible thing and the worst possible connotation and then,. offered up for the viewers consumption.
An example in a local way is  several months ago when my local news at 6 said that there was a shortage of gasoline in our area due to that hurricane (that never hurt the oil production in the Gulf. That shortage in my opinion was manufactured as a ploy to raise prices).  Then they said all in a hurry.." we hope that doesn’t cause a run on gas".  Well, of course it did.  And you all know the results in your areas as they were the same results as in ours. Panic buying.  And the National media and local media beat the tar out of it multiple times a day and if it raised a cent in cost..it was black letter bold headline news.  That in turn made folks who don’t think it thru all the way go out and panic buy more.  And so on and so on.
There is too that propensity to take the slightest rumor, embroider it and offer it up as the truth and of course, it’s always alarming. That in turn causes more concern and anxiety and so the vicious circle continues.
I will stop.  In order to say it all correctly there would have to be me researching  more and by the time I finished, I would have a dissertation sized blog here.  
Things are bad enough.  I hope we all of us think before we declare the sky is falling for certain.  Oh, and I’m not happy with my 401k etc either..so you know but I’m not ready to give up and abandon all hope.  That’s all I’m saying in a way.