Goodness, I had no idea I hadn’t been here in my blog house for awhile.  Headed off to Jupiter I guess and had such a great time playing with all the Jovians that I overstayed and forgot to come home.
We had the best meal I think we have had as a family for Thanksgiving.  I hate to say that in a way as it seems a reflection on my cooking.  BUT while I do fine, they at the restaurant did even better!  Oh gosh what a wonderful array of foods there were and table after table of desserts.  I recall that I put the menu in the blog a week or so ago.  It was absolutely fallin’ down delicious AND I didn’t have to lift a finger!! And I got to have a taste of some things that were made differently than I would have.  That expanded my own desire to do things differently as well in another meal as for example, Christmas.  DEE-lish-ush!
Thanks to my photography-as-a-hobby youngest son, we have what we call with a smile, a new family State Portrait.  All of us gathered on and in front of the couch.  That is a first to have us all as we never thought to use the "magic" of a self timer before.  So this time, excepting Miss Catt, we are all in there.  I won’t post it as you know how I am about posting me/us.  I have one clear one of me in the albums. I will make an exception and do a video as soon as one of my boys can help me get the videos upright.  All of them were done with the camera on its side. 
One thing that I loved seeing yesterday was my grandson holding up a shard of bacon so that Miss Catt stood up on her back legs and with her back straight as an arrow as she begged for that bacon.  Of course by the time I tried to get up to get the camera to capture the image of her doggie-like posing, she got down to save her dignity.  Maybe today later.  My youngest will be here shortly.  Everyone will be gone but me and Miss Catt tomorrow.
We shopped some sales yesterday with my middle boy bagging (literally) all the best bargains.  For the $73.00 he spent at Goody’s…he saved $175.00!! Now getting one hundred and seventy-five dollars worth of goods for seventy three dollars works for me.  I saw two purses I HAD to have (no, I have 9 so I didn’t need them) in Penneys and saved over 50%.  I gave three away to Goodwill along with some skirts to make up for what I brought in.
I missed all of you in the blog family,and while I didn’t say anything, I did come and see many of you.  I was away from the computer an inordinately long time for me.  MUAH!