I am so grateful that the Vols got it together these past two games and won.  Coach Fulmer and the players deserved that good ending to a stellar career.
The Coach is one of the most well loved Coach’s in Tennessee football and this past week I had a chance to see more of the reasons why.
It’s not his overall great number of games won, it’s the man himself.  We none of us could have known about his life away from the football field on Saturdays and his Coach Fulmer Show on Sundays.  But today, on the last Coach Fulmer Show they decided to depart from the usual going over the game and instead a seemingly unending number of former players from the early 80’s forward plus residents throughout the State of Tennessee were there to tell us how Coach Fulmer changed or altered their lives.
What was a surprise to me and had to have been to most who are not immediately connected to the Coach, was his presence in so many lives.  The Coach did it the right way..no one would know the extent of his help, the charity, the reaching out,the love, the kindness he extended but the recipients.  That is a measure of a real man.  To do onto others as you would have done for you and to do it with no wish nor hope of recognition.  The young men that he has helped, certainly the players– but also others outside of the University,was large in number.  The Coach was emotionally affected by the love expressed and the simple gratitude by the persons who wanted to be counted as grateful.
He did not ask for this today but to not allow the many to express their love and gratitude would have been to do them a terrible disservice.  If there was a dry eye in the listening audience I would be surprised.  We love and appreciate Coach Fulmer and every day since that news conference when Mr. Hamilton declared that a new coach would be found, has been emotional for us and for the Coach.  For that matter for the University football players and students at large..never mind all of we fans out here. 
Time moves ever forward and the Coach knows that and has been a definition of what it means to have total complete class. 
I wish him well as do most all of us in my State and God speed.