Naturally when I don’t have my camera, what happens?  A camera worthy experience happens.  Dang..I was on my way to the grocery store having just rolled out of the drive way when an EIGHT POINTER deer came walking along side of my car for a minute.  I stopped on the other side of my street and watched him as he slowly made his way down the sidewalk to the next street.  Eight pointer mind you..not six..eight I tell you!  I had several minutes with him in camera range if ONLY I HAD THE DUMB THING!!!!!!!!!  I could have had a video,,but Nooooo…I left my camera at home. I am the one who keeps nagging you all to take your camera with you!  And, except today, I do.  But..I allowed myself out without it and the buck showed up to taunt me. 
Poor Miss Catt is literally skin and bones (not) and utterly exhausted (yes) with all this mouse hunting.  The poor dear was up ALL night long and also stayed in place all DAY long until about 1600 when she hit my bed like a sack of beans and fell deeply asleep.  I know it was deeply because I kissed that furry cheek 10 times at least and even petted the pretty sides.  No sign she knew I was there except she tucked in tighter.  She slept till 2000!!!!!!!!  She’s up and in place again.  My trap is empty and so the loud skirmishes will still be taking place in there.  The wood floor is so smooth and shiny that as she ran after the mouse several times in there she skidded across the floor.  I apologised to her because I know it threw her off.  (literally)
I have the least expensive TomTom GPS system.  I used the oldest’s TomTom GPS  for fun to see what it would say as I labored over the Mountains to the middle son’s place.  It was good.  It did try to have me go what to me is a long way round to take the oldest to his place.  But it got me there,  I could have just gone the "right" way but I wanted to see where it would take me.  It did the job. 
Someone come over here and get these advertisement-like pictures that Sony put on my digital frame, off? Torques my jaw.
OK.  Been a while since I did a double blog in one day.  Hope you all who saw it liked my grandson in his video a day or so ago.  Just said that in closing and as a hint to go look at it if you haven’t.  He’s looking and hoping you did. 
Nothing on TV so I will continue reading.  Almost finished with Consumer Reports.
OH!  Want to see my first elephant sized cell phone?  A Nokia released 15 years ago.  (I wrote and asked)  I found it under the bed in a bin two days ago.