I got up earlier than usual without the fur alarm clock but because of the fur alarm clock. I was concerned a little because she has been at her hunting station for 36 hours without hardly a break.
It seems there is a mouse in the house.  I know that because she is poised at the dryer, and sniffing at the space under the dryer.  I can get her to leave her station long enough to eat a little of her food.  Then she goes right back.  Because there is a rodent in here I have brought out the heavy artillery.  The trap is set  alongside the dryer in too narrow a space for her to hurt herself.  No way can that ample little body get into that space beside the dryer and the wall.  However, I can see that  didn’t work so later I will move it out and put it where I have had more success.
The last boy left mid-morning yesterday so me’n’her have been here and missing them all.  Part of life though.  They;’ll be back a few days before Christmas.  Miss Catt has become very fond of my grandson, so she was looking for him briefly…departing from her hunting mission to do so.
Two people have mentioned having had a blog made on their personal Space and they were not the authors.  That is a difficult thing to deal with.  Whomever it is doing that has at least refrained from embarrassing or frightening words.  But that is small comfort when your personal blog has been breached.  Hopefully we all have difficult to guess passwords with numbers and symbols. 
I heard a skirmish in the kitchen.  Dare I hope?  I will go see.  Nope.  The trap is empty and so is her mouth.  I imagine the mouse changed location. Sigh.
Well, I had my large cup of coffee…the pot is still hot.  Better come on or I will have it done. 
I will leave you with a Thanksgiving day portrait of Miss Catt..