You KNOW that the Spaces Live team is spot reading our blogs and laughing like hyenas, don’t you?   They knew we’d all be torqued and we are.  I’m sure they expect flames every time they do something. 
Someone made a comment on who knows whose Space last night that the look of Spaces is like another forum.  I agree.  I never went to FaceBook etc etc because I don’t like the look or forum.  That’s just me.  I was happy here with what WAS Spaces unique look and operation.  Ah well…last night I was looking for ways to pull the plug on the blog because i could not even find my blog and had no clue how to get to yours. 
I think they, the Team, needed to put a simple list of instructions there on their home page and also let a fella know they were ready to change things dramatically at whatever o’clock on whatever day.
Thank you Karin for helping me find my way to at least the other’s blogs.  I don’t know how long it would have taken me to find that particular place on my own I was so mad.
One of the aggravating things is not being able to just hover’n’go over an avatar to see who updated and go directly to their blog.
I went to WW yesterday and neither gained nor lost.  That’s remarkable as I have been off exercise for a full month and there was Thanksgiving and all.  Today starts my treadmill again as my knee is sufficiently better to start again.  No outside activity right now.
Guys, I never knew how much I missed you till I couldn’t get to you last night..  That was a revelation to me.  It seems that there is a relationship here with you albeit a cyber one. 
This is an experiment to see how it worked.  My youngest son…Christmas day.