Good Morning all of you.  I have some of my ‘Contacts’ back that I accidentally deleted out of ignorance yesterday.  Thank goodness.
I am going to try to be a big girl today and not pitch a fit and moan and groan any more.  No use in don’t gain me a thing.  I started out  again that way this morning in comments and I am going to try not to any more today at least.I would have been far better served to have just shut up, clicked on things, made myself a guide and kept my trap shut.  Today is another day and we in the blog family have been helping one another wonderfully.  I’ve been taking all the help, and haven’t had a lot to give. but oh well.  Today is a new day. 
Yesterday my knee was so much better that I got to go on the treadmill.  3 1/2 weeks have passed..a record, since I was last on it due to the injury until yesterday morning.  It made my day better.  I felt like two million dollars instead of one. Because of a lack of planning and being in here at the computer complaining,  I was a little late getting out to a meeting and a luncheon but I got there.  Saw some old friends and enjoyed myself enormously. Came home..logged on and pitched some more fits about Spaces.  I spent more time on this computer yesterday that in a month of combined days it seemed.  Good grief.  I won’t do that again today.
I still have some Friends I haven’t found yet and that’s because I lost them yesterday as I dashed about the page deleting and not having a clue what I was doing.  Hope they find me or I, them. 
I am stalling a little.  I’m in my workout clothes and I need to get on up there on the treadmill before I lose impetus. 
The oldest will be here this Friday and Saturday.  No decision yet as to what to cook.  He will have the usual breakfast though.  Bacon, eggs and potatoes O’Brien.
Oh, I went to WW yesterday and I have neither gained nor lost.  That’s a good thing considering I had what I considered a blow out on Thanksgiving day,  That means I had desserts..not a lot of food.  Where most folks go to lose weight,and I would like to do that, my goal is to not gain weight.  I wanted to put a stop to that cycle after the smoking cessation I mentioned too many times already. 
OK.  I have been around to many of you..I will do more when I get off the treadmill, come back from where I have to go.  See you then.