I had moderate success in keeping my complaints down to a low roar..at least in comments.  Not so much in private messages though. However, I am done complaining as I have enough knowledge now to get by.  I may learn more as I go.  If not, at least I can blog and I can find you all. 
There is someone next to me who is purring.  That causes me to stop frequently to stoke her little furnace with petting.  Can’t get a lot done there.  And she didn’t even stay with me last night. Left me to sojourn by myself last night, the little warm ingrate. I just tricked her (or she, me) and offered her a treat.  She knows that word so she hopped right down from next to the computer where she had her head on my hand which was also trying to operate the mouse. Hard to type one handed and with the mouse covered with a pretty warm purring cat’s head.  Of course one is always careful not to disturb her, hence, all the trouble.
The darn thing won’t stay out of my bed where it is covered this few days with platinum colored silk.  She can’t stay out of it.  She is quite the diva I daresay.
Today the oldest will be here.  A taco dish for him this evening. Fruit for dessert.  Oh man, I wish he liked pot roast.  I made one in the slow cooker last week that lasted me a week but wow, it was so good.  Chuck roast..or was it bottom round?  Potatoes, carrots, onion and an envelope of Lipton dry onion soup mix, a can of cream of mushroom soup.  Probably something else but i don’t remember what I threw in now.  8 hours later, Voila!!  I have the makings for a beef stew which I will cook in the morning.
I am having a wonderful hair day!  It looks good.  I have been as many places as I can be to show it and me off.   I’m such a star!! 
To those who are ready to throw in the towel the way I threatened to do the first few hours of the new look and makeover, please reconsider.  We are all helping one another and what’s more, it isn’t hard to learn.  You are hampered by not being sure where to look at first.  I was throwing fits and having hissy fits too about the loss of privacy.  They really and truly should NOT have done that.  THAT part they should have left status quo.  But they didn’t and we had to do some fancy two steppin’ to get it off the forum for the whole world to see.  I don’t know if I have or not.  My main concern was the email addy that I bought and paid for and have NO idea to this minute how or why MSN found it and chose to publish it instead of the hotmail addy they give us.  Torqued my jaw really bad.
Meanwhile..I see I have dissolved into complaints again.  Sorry.