I messed up better than usual and accidentally deleted my blog.  SIGH.  Oh well, no harm done as there is still another one to be made.
I wish you could be here to sniff the air.  The beef stew is finished after all of these hours and the house is permeated with the savory smell.  I will leave it to mingle all of the flavors before I have any.  That will be hard to do because it smells so good.
The oldest is gone back to his place. I think he had some good food  while he was here along with some to take back with him. 
Can you believe it is only a few weeks until Christmas?  The year has gone past quickly.  The good part is I have enjoyed all of it and I am looking forward to another year to make and keep goals.  Oh!  One of the boys has a great idea and I hope it comes to pass.  We will go to Nashville the day after Christmas and try this on for size.  The Hiwassee Wildlife refuge Tour.  Cool beans and you can be sure my camera will be along.  The oldest just got himself a new camera and it exceeds mine. (until I finally break down and get a new one).  (I’m good at saying I want one.  I need to be as good at buying one)
Meanwhile, I hope I don’t accidentally pull the plug on this one too.  I have no idea how I made that mistake but I surely did.  Here..take that mouse away from me…I’m dangerous.