…Should appear but 6 deer galloping through all the yards, leaping over all the fences and disappearing into the woods.  Now this is the first time I have ever heard them running.  I was sweeping more dead leaves off my deck and it sounded like thunder rolling.  I glanced up knowing it could not be thunder as we are finally enjoying a sunny day.  I looked up in time to head the loud almost hollow sounding thuds of the deer’s hooves as the ran full tilt between the trees.  You guys who saw my first video I posted early in the summer or have looked at my photos over time know that from my deck all the way down the the County line, my property is all forested.  I have blogged occasionally about all the wildlife that are right here up close and personal.  Even a red wolf but that only once and several black bears this past Summer.  Coyotes too, and we are caked with deer.  Caked with them.  I wrote a few days ago about 3 who escorted me out of the drive way though I didn’t see them before I backed into the street (they must have been walking thru my yard to the driveway and then the street)..and I wrote about how the walked to the sidewalk across the street and down onto the next street..safely on the sidewalk. 
I’ll tell you..hearing them running was really different for me and getting to see them leaping over the fences was another treat!  But they disappeared into the woods so quickly.  I know I saw a few racks and there were does as well..but I did get to count how many.  Hey!  Never did finish sweeping off the deck.
I imagine doing videos might be harder for me.  I noticed the other day when I tried to put the one with my grandson in..I had to ask one of the boys to assist this time as it seems the process on the Soapbox side changed sufficiently to confuse this poor woman here.
My stuff is done in the dryer.  I heard the little signal, so see you soon.  OH and the stew…WHOA NELLY.  DEE licious!!!