Back in business!  Turns out the computer must have been sore about something and needed to be re-booted for an attitude adjustment.  That was it. Usually I am the re-boot queen.  I have no idea why that did not occur to me to re-boot on my own.  That’s why we have good friends I think.  They do the thinkin’ for us.  Now, how the problem got started (it sure wasn’t anything I did) and why the computer was mad..dunno.  But he’s all better now.  Thanks to the advice of a great Spaces friend.  Oh thank you.  As I wrote you..2 of my children and half of my estate..yours.
Whew.  Went out to renew a huge IRA and found I was too early.  12/14.  Oh well.  At least it’s on my mind.  But I got Miss Catt’s supplies laid in.  She was down to her last can.  No, she had finished her last can of Fancy Feast.  She primarily eats dry Science Diet (nothing but the best for my Queen) and a spoonful of Fancy is her dessert.  So I have to have dessert!  That meant getting out there to the pet supply store and buying it.  She only likes 3 flavors so of course the grocery doesn’t carry those.  I have to  go to the pet supply place and get her Fancy Feast.  What a pain, but you know how our pets can be…finiky.
Just got on to tell you it’s all healed up now (computer) whew!!!!
Happily yours,