Not a happy morning.  I got up, logged on and that was as far as I got.  I had a pop up that said my profile didn’t load correctly.  Then, I tried to find Outlook Office to be told by a pop up I had to configure it.  I did that but I can’t understand what happened that I had to do that.  Then I found out my already well used and fixed up Outlook was gone gone gone.  While I have Outlook again after configuring again, it is brand new.  No files, no nothing.  No contacts..all gone.  Outlook Office is now  like a clean sheet of paper.  I went to the I.E and Firefox are both cleaned of everything as well.  Not a bookmark on ether one.
I haven’t done anything different.  When I went to bed last night..all was well.  There are no viruses, no Trojan horses, nothing shows at all in my McAfee activity log that indicates any activity.  A new scan  today showed nothing wrong.  This isn’t a virus etc. attack.  Apparently it is something the computer did. 
I have some things to attend this morning so I had better get finished.  I had to do the treadmilling and trying to cool down before I do my face.
Sadly yours,