55 mph is what the wind speed gusts are here where I am.  I am on the highest point of an already high place anyway, so it’s really whipping around out there.  It is a front moving in.  It was 31 when I got up.  It’s 63 now.  Needless to say, with the warm air rushing in from the Gulf area, rain is on the way and these winds will not lessen too much till then.  The rain is in middle Tennessee and I understand there may be thunderstorms this evening.  It’s like a Spring day out there.
A dear Canadian friend called me last night and we sat at our computers while she gave me a few hints about cleaning up my profile page..lessening all the comments of friends of friends of friends.  The updates roll off too fast as it is.  This seems to help a little.  It’s hard to keep up with the blog family when there is so much clutter and stuff.  She made sure I knew about the "options" and unchecking things in that long list. Till she told me, I must have missed the boat when others talked about it because it was all new to me.  She could not find a way to fix my broken Network either.  Everyone else can click on my Network and go to someones Space but I can’t.
I got a new cell phone yesterday.  I went to Verizon because I and one of my sons both had a spam text message from China of all places.  I don’t want to pay for those so I asked if there was something to be done.  Before you might happen to ask..yes, I am on the cell phone do-not-call list as well as my landline phone.  They ain’t callin’…they’re texting!  Buncha dogs!  At least Verizon said they will not charge me for the spurious texts and to let them know if I do get charged. 
I checked on when my contract ended and it was several months ago.  So, I got me a new one.  I have been getting it fixed up.  I miss my one custom ringtone but darned if I will buy the thing AGAIN from Verizon.  It torques my jaw that they don’t have a way to port that over.  I have paid for it two times and I am not going to pay for it again.  I’ll just have to make do.  It’s the principle of the thing.
Everyone is making cookies, and poor old me..I have to be content with sugarless vanilla pudding..cooked.  That’s a treat to me.  But it is 9 points.  My weekly splurge.  I went there to the meeting this morning and they have changed things up.  I need to look over the new materials they passed out.  A total revamp.  When I got up to get the new book from them, someone else took my chair in the living room.  That heat-stealing, chair thieving little so and so.   I can’t disturb her so that means I must sit on the couch! 
My youngest went over to a friend’s home to take pictures of the two of them and their three cats for a card.  Two of the rascals get along but the old Maine Coon hates the two young ones.  If you could only see the expressions on the couple..who were cracked up and helpless with laughter at the cats behaviors, and also see the cats that were being held by their human mom and dad..you would laugh for the next year it is so funny!  Unfortunately it would be a bad violation of their privacy of I put it here so of course I can’t.  To make sure I don’t sometime down the road..I have kept it out of anything but the email it came attached to.  When I get done laughing at it years from now, I will delete the whole thing.  Sometimes the most perfect picture comes when that’s the last thing you think you have.  Oh it is a winner!!
I may put a portrait of the heat stealing chair thief!

 Personally, I think we look alike.