Well, Blog family, I found out that I have been mistaken all along in thinking I could not access my Friends blogs unless I saw their name in an update.   I was wrong. Two other Friends tried to lead me to that revelation but for unknown reasons I did not comprehend what they said.  My only guess is I was so focused on what I perceived as a problem that I was unintentionally disregarding the advice I had gotten from others.  I must have seemed lacking in intellect, but these things occur sometimes to people..certainly I can speak for myself.  My goodness.  But I am all fixed up now.
I do find because of the extra clicks and peering around in various pages that I am spending far too much time in here.  I am going to see about setting times when I access the blogs and have more space (no pun intended) between accessing.  It was so much easier before to see who updated, if there were any messages.  Now..you all of you know that it does take more time.  Live Spaces doesn’t have the unique flavor and comfortable feel that it formerly had.  Sure we get used to it, the changes, but it’s like your husband or wife got the middle aged crazies and went on a diet, bought new clothes, started at the gym, got a new convertible..red of course, and started flirting with strangers, don’t you think?  It’s just not my same hubby any more..there’s a stranger in my bed now.    He’s gone and left me.
It got up to 67 yesterday and on it’s way today as well.  It rained 2.03 inches of rain over night.  The same is in store for this evening.  I heard the thunderstorm too.  That and the heavy rain woke me. You-know-who was no where in evidence.  (no, smarty pants, not Spaces..I mean Miss Catt)
Very gloomy out there.  I may go out and mail my rebate form for my new phone.  If you come with me, we can stop at the marina.  I have left over white bread (I won’t eat that library paste tasting stuff) and the Canada geese await us.  Go get in the car…I will be right there.