Last night was fun here at my blog house.  We had a party goin’ on right here…we celebrated and had a good time to paraphrase the words of Kool and the Gang’s "Celebrate"..  Nine of us attended. I always have said in my blog that if we in the blog family lived in the same town…we’d all be together for a party every week and surely the police would be called.  Especially with Shelly out there blowing the horn of the car!!! I got to be silly and that is something I don’t get to do much.
I am going to start in my closet and remove those things I keep saving despite common sense and give or throw them away.  I hate to because I always think I can be that narrow again.  Not gonna happen.  Then I have a little cabinet where I keep (mostly T shirts and very casual tops..maybe some of my 46 pairs of jeans.  I may like this or that T shirt but if I am not wearing it after all this time, I won’t in the future.  Have to be brutal as I am short on room.  When I had things hanging on the backs of the bedroom doors for lack of room..time to clean out again. Sadly, I am such a clothes horse that every closet in this house is full of my clothes.  Not to mention dresser drawers in other rooms. 
I am not having a good hair day (it is raining to beat the band) but I certainly smell great.  I got in an order for a hair gloss from Sephora yesterday and there were 3 samples of upscale perfumes.  Yum.  I love fragrance and mine are usually the $$ ones. One of my few indulgences.  I like to try new ones occasionally but when they are costly, you can’t afford a mistake so the samples are good to have.  I have Prada on for a test drive today. 
It’s supposed to rain heavily all day and turn to a little snow tonight..ending at 0400 tomorrow.  Nothing but heavy snow showers.  No accumulation here where I am.  But outlying areas..they will have from 2 inches upward.
I hope everyone is well and having a productive day. My goodness that sounded formal, didn’t it?