Mr. Hill, a former and now deceased Publisher of our local newspaper, had a column he put into the paper every month or so entitled "Suddenly very Tired" and there he would enumerate all the catch phrases he was sick of hearing or reading on a day to day basis.
Each time I hear, mostly on television, the words "You know what?"  as the start of any and most sentences, I remember him.  How did that phrase become as common in everyday speech as the word "I"??  And then we have the "At the end of the day" phrase.  It’s so over used it has lost its meaning for me.  Those two catch phrases rival "Um" and "You know" in frequency.  One other example is the startling over-use of the word "Phenomenal".  Excuse me, but if you go right to the top of the adjective ladder, there isn’t a lot to aspire for now, is there?  How about "good"  "great" "very good" and work one’s way up to being phenomenal?  Oh well…no one made me Queen BUT I do have a family member who will be President of the North American Continent soon!!!  Maybe she will get things coin another phrase..she’s a mover and a shaker!!
You have to know that the treadmill awaits me.  I am dressed for lined up neatly and ready for my size 6 feeties.  So what’s the hold up?  Dunno.  I pull this waiting game thing every time.  I need to get outside and do this but not today.  It would take a little time to prepare for that and I would rather start that again when the weather will stay decent a few days in a row.  Once I start and have the added "work" of the hills etc. I like to keep that up so as to strengthen on a consistent basis.
She who hesitates is lost.  I left the computer to get on the treadmill but…the boss is asleep at the foot of it.  I can’t disturb her.
I just had to get up and give a demanding tiny diva her sup of skim milk.  If you measured it, she will usually get 3 or 4 tablespoons in a tiny bowl.  She feels as though she got a treat extraordinaire!  That is what counts around she feels! Otherwise I get treated to a chorus of meows without end.  I created a fur monster.
Go do something fun today.  You may be sure I will.