I remember having blogged about this before. I reach for something… all day long so far… and the tips of my fingers knock it over.  Lean to pick it up and my fingers just graze whatever it is.  I’m on my way upright again before I realize I must duck and try again.  Or…reach for something..succeed in grasping it to have it fall from my not tight enough grip. Of course, just as Erma Bombeck wrote of in her book "Jelly Side Down", if that which I have allowed to float through my fingers is a piece of bread with honey spread on it..it falls honey side down.  That in turn means you’ve wasted the food..made a mess that mess must be cleaned up now..not later. Frequently that requires floor cleaner or carpet spot remover and a damp spot to avoid for hours.   
No this isn’t every time but it has been often enough to be very annoying.  I do this every year or so and we have a name for it..the kids named it when they were all living here..it is called the "——— Dropping Ceremony".  (insert my last name into the dotted line). 
It comes from being in a hurry and I have never known what it’s like to be slow or deliberate.  I am always hurrying whatever it is I’m doing.  And I pay the price for trying to do things at the speed of light.  You would think I would slow for some things after a life time of the ————– Dropping Ceremony. 
This must be second in a row "National Run Into Someone You Don’t Care For" Day to go along with The ———- Dropping Ceremony Day.  My goodness, the riches never stop piling up. 
I got the Christmas presents that have arrived in the past 2 weeks wrapped and ready now.  Just a few more things will be arriving and that will be it for this year. 
I bought a new Oscar Blandi clear hair gloss. (Spehora) For the amount of money I spent for it…it was not worth it.  But that is something you can’t know until you try it.  Of course my hair is as thick as a carpet so maybe it doesn’t get down and in there.
I have been around to see many of you already and I’ll pack up and head over to your house soon as I hit publish.  Leave the door unlocked.  I’m tired of being arrested when I kick it down.