Here I was…driving down the main drag in town.  I neither stopped nor did I turn.  I was driving straight on down the road.  Next thing I know, I saw in my rear view window that a sheriff’s deputy was behind me and flicked his lights.  He motioned me to pull over.  Ooooh K.  I found a place after I turned the corner at an intersection and pulled in.  He pulled snug up against my back bumper and got out.  I already hand my hands where he could see them ( I well know the drill, believe me) and when he asked for the license, proof of insurance and registration..luckily they were all in one place so I handed them over.  I asked what the matter was and he said that while I did not run a red light, when I TURNED onto the road I should have stopped first before proceeding,.  I mentioned that I had not turned.  He said I did and repeated my offense.  I was very sweet and batted my eye lashes and said I had been going straight and made no turns.  He said I did.  I threw up my mental hands and just shut up.  He told me he was giving me just a verbal warning and to drive safely.  I wanted SO badly to say "I never turned!!!" but, I know what side my bread is buttered on and  so I just smiled and said "thank you".  I can only guess that I am not the only white car out was busy and since he wasn’t right behind me until a street corner..I think he got me messed up with someone else.  The whole thing was strange as he was a County deputy but when they are in a town or city, they leave stuff up to the local police usually.  This whole thing was bizarre.
Then, last evening, sitting here reading you guys’ blogs, I heard a clump!  A dip in power faster than a wink of an eye and a loud noise from the burglar alarm.  It continued so I got up, ran to the panel and attempted to silence it.  The light stayed on.  A trouble light and then, ADT called to ask what was up.  So, a tech was here at 0800 this morning to replace the battery that had failed.  It was warming up the main control box rather alarmingly too, trying to stay powered up.  Of course, I was in robe and gown when he got here.  I had to let him in.  That was embarrassing some but like most folks..he has to have seen a robe before. 
Cold rain every day  for the past 4 but yesterday.  Now we have cold rain again all the way thru till next weekend.  We need the rain but you can get a little down in the mouth with all this gloom.
My middle boy bought him a new home.  I can’t wait to see it.  I have the video from the realtor but I am bustin’ to see it in person.  That may be in January if it isn’t snowing over the Mountains.  You who have been in my blog family know my bad luck with Mountain snow when I go try to see him from Nov-April late.
Hey…look at this: