I have a real problem.  How would you handle it..really..if it was you that it happened to?
Here is the problem.  I have a dear dear friend..one I obviously don’t want to give up.  She however, has inherited a large dog from her son who was unable to take care of it due to travel.
Meanwhile, she never trained the dog nor did her son.  What one is left with is 70 pounds of dog constantly leaping up on you and that is no exaggeration.  If you are seated, he still leaps up on you.  He slobbers horribly in all that enthusiasm and so you literally have to ask for a towel.  No joke, to get the saliva off.  If you are there for 3 hours, the dog continues this behavior for three hours.  His owner, my dear friend gets defensive when you ask if she will please control the dog.  She gives the same protestations that most dog owners seem to do..that he wouldn’t hurt a fly.  That there is nothing to be done about the behavior because "he’s just so excited to see any visitor".  You and I both know that is not so.  You can make an effort to train the dog.  The dog has scratched my skin, slobbered all over me (and anyone else) and it makes it extremely unpleasant to go to her house.  I have only been there 3 times in as many years.  I have given Cesar Milan’s book on how to train..other books in the same line all to no avail.
I don’t want to lose a wonderful friend but I can’t stand being leapt on for every moment that I’m there.  We all get the same treatment.  No exceptions.  Kid, woman, man, teen..doesn’t matter.  Old person, young person..constant leaping.
If the shoe was on the other foot, I bet she would be mad at the slobber and leaping attacks.  If only she would make some effort to calm the thing down.  I wasn’t kidding about every minute of the visit. What words will convince her to get a grip on this dogs behavior?  I’ve already made her mad when I mentioned a behavior toward my grandson.  She said "He wouldn’t mean to hurt him" I said that would signify nothing if my grandson was chewed to bits.  She was mad.
OK guys..what to do?  Stay away?  I have run out of excuses and the truth is not welcome.