Thank you so much for your thoughtful and sometimes funny suggestions yesterday.  I especially liked the idea of having a 150 pound drooler dog here to give attention the same way I get attention when I show up over there, and see how it’s received when the shoes gets slipped onto someone else’s foot.
I have, (as I mentioned yesterday) often said aloud and indicated by my cringing, my squeezing up into a ball and trying to cover up plus can’t-help-it facial expression that I hate the jumping and scratching and slobber.  I can’t get any plainer.  BUT several of you said that if it comes to me or the dog..and if the dog wins, then I guess I need to face it. The obvious solution is: I guess I’ll just have to keep avoiding over there and I so wish that didn’t have to happen.  I already mentioned a training place but she can’t afford it and I can’t pay for it for her.  If you knew what kind of dog it was, you would probably have other things to say.  I left that out so as to get replies without the ‘fear factor’ involved.
It is raining yet again.  We have almost made up the deficit in rain (we are in extreme drought nonetheless) for this year, save 2 inches.  Last years deficit is still there, so the water table is still low.  It has rained off and on for over a look at the sun at all.  And will continue another week.  We need it but…you know the rest..we’d like a break.
I guess you know about the IE critical security issue.  They have finally put out an update..please update as quickly as possible.  The problem is critical and the patch is needed immediately.  Google it if you are unaware of what I mean. This is crucial.
I may as well finish getting ready to go slogging about in the cold rain.  If you see me, tell me I’m having a great hair day, OK?  OH OH!! I forgot I was looking for a coupon in my wallet a few minutes ago.  Remember I told you I was stopped by the Sheriff’s deputy?  The registration I handed him was 2 years old. I know now because I found the new one tucked into the part of my wallet with coupons etc.  I went to the license part of the wallet and pulled out the registration I had given him and that was the old one.  I just hadn’t taken it out to shred when I put the new one in..and in a different place. Good grief!  It’s a thousand wonders he didn’t ticket me. 
I’ve been out to see some of you already..see the rest soon.