The song whose words are written there in the title is going through my mind.  Arrrggh!  While dressing, I was humming it.  While making breakfast I was singing it.  It is wending its way through my memory engrams as I write this..and worse, I have not heard it in a long time.  Can’t remember who sang it or why that particular piece that he did stayed so firmly stuck in my memory but there is is and what a great refrain for me!  I am, ‘still crazy after all these years’.
I logged onto my blog and made one visit before I logged back off to tend to breakfast and hum a few bars of my song and had the pleasure of seeing another winner of a photograph right here.  Steve has stunning photographs always but today, seeing that volcano and the lenticular clouds..blew my doors off!  Just the way I felt when I saw the pictures of the mirage he published recently.  I have never seen such wonders in person but I feel less "deprived" because he has them right outside his door in a manner of speaking and shares them with us.  Looking at his photos is, as I told him this morning that to me, it’s like sitting on their couch and looking through albums.  Much nicer than flipping thru a magazine.  More personally lovely but that’s just me.
I was so pleased on a personal level to read so many blogs of my pet owning blog family who know how to deal with pets and their pet’s natural curiosity with the Christmas tree.  My blog family know that animals are just that…animals… and though they are loved and  members of the family, they can’t, won’t and will never reason nor think as a human does.  They’re animals after all.  They learn manners and they watch their P’s and Q’s as best as they are able, and importantly, they don’t have malicious intent toward the Christmas tree.  I have read blog after blog that makes me smile when the blogger mentions in passing that the cat, as an example, has some harmless (and inexpensive) ornaments to bat at or as in our case here..nothing much is hung on the tree within their reach.  That’s just the way it is with animals.  You can’t blame an animal for being curious or..being what they are.  But you guys all know that.
I need to haul out the credit card and do the renewal of my domains.  They are due in February and GoDaddy has been sending multiple reminders.
It’s raining of course off and on and it’s gloomy but I have it good compared to many of you.  We are within a half an inch as of 11 last night, of having the normal rainfall for the year,  It was close to 7 inches behind for this year as of a week ago.  It’s not now! Of course there is still the deficit of last year not to be made up.  The rivers were scary looking..all withdrawn from their banks. Not now at least. But the water table is low.
See you over at your place.  Get ready.  I’m wearing Prada this morning.  Not enough to announce my presence before you see me,.  Just a whisper.