Several of our blog family have mentioned wonderful memories of Christmas when they were children.  Usually the memories are sweet and bring a smile when we think about those times.
My memory starts with what was  almost always the same…me hunting for the presents before Daddy got home from work.  (I was a latchkey kid before that term became a term for kids coming home and being by themselves for an hour or so.  That gave me some decent time to work toward finding where he had hidden them.  My brothers made it harder though as they, while snooping for themselves, found evidence of MY snooping so the presents were moved somewhere else most times. 
I only wanted to see just one thing.  I knew if I pried them all open it would spoil my surprises Christmas morning so I didn’t.Even at the age of 8, I knew that. 
One of the most eagerly hoped for and torturous waits was when I was just turned 12.  I wanted a pair of shoe skates in the worst way.  Nothing else would do.  That was all I wanted forever and ever and ever.  If I never ever got another thing..oh pul-eeeeeze let me have that pair of white shoes skates. 
My rotten brother, one of them, had me convinced that they were too expensive and no way would I get them.  My hopes were just dashed!  Nothing else was worthwhile..I would have to continue renting my skates and the other kids would point and laugh.  (Bob, I have you to thank for that phrase).
I went to bed at 9…tossed and turned, and I stayed awake I will wager at least half the night in anticipation anyway!!!  After all, there were other things too. 
Christmas morning dawned and we all gathered around the tree.  Daddy always bought one a week before Christmas, a real one of course and I got to decorate which is another wonderful love filled memory.  The lights were on all over the tree after we got up and had breakfast…and then..and then…when we started our gift opening, my brother handed me a big box first among all the other things.  I truly had no idea what was in it..none whatsoever.  I opened it and there was a silver colored box.  Inside that box was a pair of white shoe skates.  I was totally transported out of this world into another.  I felt so grown up.  Fiberglass wheels too!!!  Wait till the kids saw this!  I had to be reminded to look at everything else I was so joyous over the skates.  I couldn’t tell you another thing that I received that Christmas.  The skates were it as far as I was concerned. 
To this day, tthose skates remain as the most looked for Christmas present I can remember ever wanting and getting as a child.  No dolly that year or when I was 11.  I always got a doll till those two years.  I remember telling you that I hung on to the belief in Santa till I was 10 years old despite sneaking and looking for presents, I knew Santa had put them there early because he was so busy.  That;s what one of my brothers told me and I believed him of course. My brother’s girlfriend spilled the beans one year when the 3 of us were at a civic Christmas celebration and I told Santa that he hadn’t brought me a stocking full of things the past two years.  Peggy, the girlfriend of my brothers said " Oh, how sweet.  She still believes in Santa".  Well, not after that statement.  I was crushed!  It took me a good several weeks to get over it.  That’s why I never really wanted my kids to believe in Santa.  Of course, as Santa is not what Christmas is all about, that was easy not to get into that fable no matter how fun.
Well, my usual book here.  I have been around to several of you before my appointment this morning and now..some more.  Have the oldest coming over tonight and his supper is in the oven now.  Um Um good.    I may have enough for you IF you get here before he does.  Oh man, it smells good. 
Come on back now, you hear?