I had to make a pineapple cream pie this evening.  I had all the fixings and it will be ready for my middle son and grandson’s arrival tomorrow sometime.  Probably late.  ( tried to tempt my youngest into coming over tomorrow but he resisted as he is not particularly into anything pineapple.  I didn’t know that). They, my son and grandson, are moving into their new home these past several days and the only utility they have right now is electricity.  Tomorrow will be a waiting game for gas and phone service.  He’s dead in the water without internet as he has a DSL line.  They will be unable to leave for here until that is done.  At least he’ll be able to nag as he isn’t working.

I would love to include a picture of his home..it is lovely, but I can’t.  The only one I have has the address and all the particulars on it (website from the Real Estate people) and that would be quite a violation of his privacy.  I think he’d be irritated at me.  .

The temps will be 14 or 16 tonight.  And today is the first day without unseasonable warm weather along with rain and fog, in two weeks. There was sun all day.  I almost felt giddy seeing it. I ran around getting the house cleaned and then to the grocery..Oh MY!  That was quite a bill and worth every cent.  I am preparing for their 5 day visit or perhaps 6.  Our dessert on Christmas will be a big ol’ thick very well iced carrot cake and a pumpkin pie.  We’ll have the turkey and dressing of course and multiple veggies.

While in the grocery store I found and brought home a decent sized box for Her Highness the Queen (of my heart).  Many times they won’t allow a box to leave the store..they feel compelled to break them all down for recycle etc.  But I asked nicely if I could bring this small one home for my cat to play in. She LOVED it..or I will put that in the present tense.  Loves it.  The only embarrassment she has suffered would be while dashing back and forth between her bag (she IS a bag lady too) (shopping bag) she made a mad run for her new box which, coincidentally, has a rectangular sized hole cut in on both sides for hand grips, and made to toss her ample self through that opening..little taking into consideration it was 6 inches by 2 inches in size.  BONK!  She ran pell mell into the side of the box.  She looked at me like.."I was just testing it out.  I knew that!" and walked sedately into the front open area..which of course was what she meant ALLLLL along. (yeah)

Have a peaceful night.