Desperate for a title as you can see. 
Son and grandson are here these past days and will stay till perhaps Sunday.  I am enjoying that no end.  Everyone else will be here tomorrow all day.  And to start getting prepared for that I will be making the desserts today. Carrot cake and a pumpkin pie.  I’ll have that out of the way and just have the turkey etc to deal with.
I know I haven’t been around as much to see the blog family yesterday and today as I usually do and for that I apologize.  I have been gone more than not from the house or very busy when I’m here.  I hope you’ll remember that when you don’t see me in your stats.  As Arnold said,…"I’ll be back"!
My grandson had to make a project for Science class so they and I went around town and found a super cool craft store and the crafters who work in there were always.  Helpful and provided some super ideas.  What made it even better was the one waiting on us knew her chemistry,  That was super as D. my grandson was to make an atom.  The atom consisted of 6 electrons, 6 protons.  He wound up using pompoms for the electrons and neutrons and 18 gauge crafting wire for the rings (to string the protons and neutrons) Of course he used scotch tape to keep the protons and neutrons from slipping from their place on the wires. (the wires are the electron shell)
I want to wish all of my blog family, all and each, the best and happiest of Christmas’s.  Keep the day Holy. I care for all of you as you have no doubt figured out for yourselves.