A beautiful day for Christmas and all the family here.  I can hardly ask for more. We had a good dinner too.  Turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, broccoli and cheese casserole.  Carrot cake and a pumpkin pie for dessert.  Oh, and butterscotch and milk chocolate fudge.  Oh, my land..good I reckon if I say so myself.
I am hoping that all of you had a wonderful happy day. We certainly did here believe me.  Everyone of us enjoyed our gifts from one another.  My grandson may think that the remote controlled inside use only (if you’re wise) helicopter is the coolest thing of all. The skateboard takes next place and his new clothes (he’s at that age) are right up there too.
Miss Catt has been a little beautiful soft purry little uncouth beast!  Each night time she has come in honking and snorting (meowing loudly in other words) at 0100, 0300, 0430, 0510 or so and again at 0615 or so.  I have NO idea why.  Nothing is wrong per se..I think she wants to look out the windows as she always does at times in the night while on patrol..and can’t as there is someone on every room sleeping and so, the blinds are down.  Me’n’her are going to have to come to an understanding though.  If she does this when they go home Sunday then she will find herself on the wrong side of the hall door and I will be barricaded in my room. I will close the door leading to the living room and my own door as a double barrier.  I can’t go on with such a sleep deficit.  I am slightly dizzy as I write after three solid nights of constant interrupted sleep.  My eyes were trying to slam shut all the livelong day!
My youngest son had a gift theme going on.  His gifts from his brother were largely a "Build-a-Cat" sort.  There were scratch pads, water and food bowls, toys, some food stuffs..all for the cat he said he is "this" close to getting. We are all a cat oriented family.  We’ve always had one and speaking of that, you in the blog family know Toodie..our gal in Missouri.  I commissioned her to craft a portrait of our gone for 10 years now, cat Robin.  She, Robin, raised my three boys almost single handedly.  And she had and still has our hearts.  Toodie did a fabulous job and after holding onto and keeping quiet about it for months and months and months..I was able to gift my middle son with Robin’s portrait in wood.  Toodie did it wood burning style and colored it by hand.
I will tell you the truth…we all of us love that work of art by Toodie and it will be treasured always.  Toodie, thank you again for taking that task on.  We love it.
I hope you all had a joyous Christmas.  I wish we could all have met in a pile somewhere and shared food and friendship.  I thought of you.  (yes, I did for real).
Robin…crafted by Toodie (Babbalot)