Picture it: my home, circa Dec 26, 2008. Here I was, innocently watching "Don’t Forget The Lyrics", hosted by Wayne Brady. I tried in vain to get my son interested in the show. He said that the host was far more interesting than the show itself. I was curious about this, so I had to ask for an explanation. He told me about an improvisational comedy show which Wayne Brady was on a while back called "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" On the show, Wayne is given a topic and a song style on the fly and has to create a song right there on the spot. he is great! He can do everything from Louis Armstrong to Prince to Gospel. And he does dance moves and such as well. All of it right off the top of his head. It is great. Look at this sample and see what I mean.
Can you believe he just came up with that right then and there? He’s great! And, he did NOT forget the lyrics!