I can’t say enough how hard I laughed last night watching those segments of "Whose Line is it Anyway".  I almost had to be hospitalized I laughed so hard and so much.  I had tears streaming down my cheeks over and over (glad my mascara was off for the night) and my stomach hurts from all the laughing.  I can’t remember having as many and as hearty laughs as I had sitting here watching segment after segment of that show.  There was one I wanted to put on here that was THE pinnacle of funny,  I almost hurt myself I laughed so much, sniffed and snorted back tears, and that was Wayne doing the face-off between Michael Jackson and James Brown.  Oh, I was helpless with laughter.  I didn’t even know I could laugh like that.  I smile every day and chuckle a lot but man, this was guffawing if there ever was a definition of the term..I was it, while watching.
The boys will be leaving in the morning and I wish that was not so.  Seems as though they just got here.  My grandson did a good job getting the last of the fallen leaves out of the yard which I greatly appreciated.  They are taking my blower with them back over the mountains until one becomes available for buying there.  Not the season and they just don’t have any available to buy.  I’ll being it back when we go over the mountains next month.  I have yet to see his new home and it is lovely.  I can hardly wait. 
Miss Catt was good the night before last and said nothing at all until 7ish.  LAST night however when I was in bed and the light not out till one or so, that hussy came in sounding her horn twice!  I had to pat the bed..inviting her up for some scratches and a pet or two before I fell back asleep. Then, about 0715..I was sound asleep (I am so tired from her bad behavior all week) and I got startled awake by a firmly planted warm little paw on my mouth.  She’d stretched her "arm" as far as it would go to reach my mouth.  She patted me and left her foot on my mouth till I finally stirred to get up.  SIGH.  My eyes are burning..never stopped burning since 4 days ago.   I had told you, me’n’her have to come to terms tomorrow night or else. (she’ll have to stay in another part of the house by herself).
The little hussy asleep on my bed  with her head on MY pillow a minute ago.  It’s OK for HER to sleep..just not me!
Did I tell you what she got for Christmas besides my present?  She got some cool toys from the boys.  And a very diva-like pooper scooper from me.  Ivory in color, elegant shape with muted pink hearts and ribbons painted onto it.  Very feminine for a very feminine little hussy!!
I will leave you this 69 degree sunny afternoon with a local resident.  Miss Mourning Dove. Ain’t she purty??