By golly that little hussy had better mind every one of her P’s and Q’s tonight.  She was decent last night,.  Decent, not good and had me up at 0730.  On a normal morning I would always be up at 0630.  She has made me so sleepy that I am oversleeping if she lets me. And still only get about 5 hrs sleep.
I left a picture yesterday of her comfortable Highness on my bed, my side and enjoying my pillow!!!  Guess where she is now?  Same thing!! But the bedspread is on and the sheets  are fresh and crisp, the pillow sunned thoroughly and I hope she remembers our talk!
Everyone is gone.  I will have to resume my wild partying ways again.  Wait!  In order to do that, I have to be awake, don’t I?  I suppose my wild parties will have to wait.
The house is in ship shape fashion..all the linens changed as well.  I have a new set of University of Tennessee logo sheets for the grandson’s bed.  They are white with T’s all over them, top and bottom…and the pillow case is orange with a white T in the center!  Hey..we’re patriotic if nothing else.
I was out on the deck Christmas morning taking..or trying to, pictures of the fog nestling in the valley below me…you can see low lying mountains in the background, the white stuff is fog and I am more determined than ever to get a better camera.  The pictures are somewhat OK but no way could this camera do the beauty of the morning justice.   
Did all of you have a happy Christmas?  It seems that you did.  I’m hoping for a good week for all of us.  If it’s not raining again, I will head off up the street.  (gasp) and see what’s to be seen.
Of course trying to make it out thru the clouds in my background isn’t very good.  I will add to my album.