I don’t know how to act!  I got 8 full hours of sleep.  I was so sleepy and tired that once I turned out the light and turned over on my side..that was it until I woke up.  No tossing as always, and no turning.  No endless adjusting of the pillow looking for a cool spot.  I slept as though I hadn’t slept much for days!!!  (And indeed I had not).  It seems that little Missy here decided all was right with her world once she could patrol all the windows where I was able (as usual) to leave the mini blinds adjusted for her to see out.  After all, some bird with criminal intent might be outside at the feeder!!  Vigilance is the key here!  Thank goodness I have her.  No wonder I was undisturbed with her on duty all night.  No kidding though..I never moved once.  The bed was as smooth  when I got up this morning(almost) as when I slid into it.  It was freshly changed anyway which is always a pleasure.  The sheets are as smooth as 400 ct. thread can make them, and cool and inviting.  The added bonus of  a sunny day yesterday to put out my pillow for a thorough airing..wonderful in the night with the scent of fresh air and sunshine.
It is another fabulous day and I am grateful as the past three weeks were chill fog and rain.  I will have to get out there and make the most of it.
I just got up to wash my face and I glanced into my room out of habit and lo!  someone is curled up in my place in there.  I guess she’s exhausted from keeping watch over the house last night. 
Today is Terry the Quiet One’s birthday!  Happy birthday my friend.  Many many MANY more and all of them happy.  Go see her and wish her a happy one.  And tell her to spill about where she goes and what she does.
I need to get ready for the day.  At least I’m dressed.  See you around Spaces.  Be good or at least keep it on the down low.