Lately I have not had the chops to head up and down the hills.  So I compromised and went to the park the past several days.  It is an extremely sunny day out there for one thing and the sun dances on the water of the creeks making it a delight to see the diamonds in the water and I get to hear the music of the water flowing over and around the large river stones. I never tire of it. 
There were enough Canada geese there that I fear there will be none left for Canada to enjoy nor anyone else.  Of course I exaggerate.  They proliferate and each town has a gaggle everywhere you go.  If we humans didn’t feed them, they would move on.  Here I am in the State of Tennessee and there are seagulls in my shopping centers and of course at the marina.  Seagulls for pity sakes and we are situated this far away from any ocean.
It is so lovely a day that I will head back out again shortly and enjoy it while I can.  I stopped off at the bookstore before I came home the first time so I am good to go in the books department.  Not withstanding I have thousands anyway.  I am just a reader all the time.  I have been known to walk reading one.  My iPod  and camera have largely taken the place of that however.  But I pick one up always if I can be still long enough once I am home.
I must be having an outstanding hair day.  I had many greetings while out walking of the flirty kind.  My favorite kind.   
I made and froze a pot of chili yesterday.  It’s for the oldest to take home next time he shows up.
The sun is calling me and I have to answer.  (((HUGS)))