Happy New Year, blog family.  I hope for the best and happiest most productive New Year for us all.  We will have to work for it though but that is as it should be.  For me, I will likely be right here and in bed before the clock strikes midnight although I will give some effort at not falling asleep.  A party animal I’m not.  None of my friends seem to be in the celebratory mood either so we’re all going to be asleep it seems.
I was going out this morning to toil up the hills finally but during the night a front came through and it is extremely windy out there as well as cold. Not your best combination.  Cold is fine with me; I like it. But that AND wind, no thanks.
I have ordered a new camera.  A digital SLR.  I am excited about that and while I know I will have a learning curve to get around, I know that once i do, I will have something better to present.  I think not being able to do justice in my photos to the fog Christmas morning pushed me over the edge. It’s a Nikon D-40.  Close to the D-50.  Have to start on the low end.  I am not skilled in any way and that is where I need to start.  But my credit card is lying gasping and panting in it’s leather case nonetheless.
I wish all the blog family a happy new year.  May you accomplish what is important to you in the coming year and may that bring sustaining satisfaction in the doing of it.  Each of you are unique and each of you are shining lights.  Lighten the corner of someone’s life.