We headed out to the big city to one of THE really BIG BIG shopping centers and had a blast.  She picked me up at 0830..we headed straight there too early for the clothing store we were headed to first so we spent money in the big Target there and then Bath and Body Works..Oh, that place, B&BW is lethal.  All I wanted was some hand soap.  I came out with two shower gels, a body butter and 2 hand soaps.  Gees Louise.  We went to the dress shop after that and spent a good hour and a half there.  Then, lunch at a Texas Road House..um um good except I do not like how they do green beans as they tasted weird to me.  Other than that..primo food.  After another store (we were gone 7 hours) we headed to Sonic and got some soft serve ice cream.  I think I’m going to bust wide open folks.
It is another gorgeous glorious day.  Cold but sunny.  I took a photo of a dandelion out there..one of 10 but cut it out of the blog. I was only supposed to have one picture.  I remembered late and so my choice of picture topic is not too exciting.
We had such fun.  Get women together in a place to spend money and fun is gonna be had, take my word for it.  She needed new clothes for work and trust me..several hundred dollars later, she has them.  For once I didn’t do that sort of shopping as I know I hardly have room for what I have as it is.  No use in adding more to it.  I have to gather stuff and head it off to the Good Will anyway.  Again.  Man, I do buy the clothes.  However that camera more than fended off any additional purchases for a bit..especially those I really don’t need.  Camera will be here maybe in ten days.
You all go out and have a big time last night?  The boss and I just laid in bed and kicked the covers around till we fell asleep.  I got her up instead of the other way around, this morning as I needed to rise earlier so as to be ready to be picked up for the shopping extravaganza. 
Other than that…hope you guys had a good New years Eve, and that the year has started well for you. Any year that starts with shopping is bound to be a good one for me.