Man, I have to learn several new things.  One is to properly categorise and file photos.  The new camera will be here before long and when it is..I don’t want this wholesale dump of pictures into My Pictures.  Makes it a task to find anything because I have to scroll through them all generally, to find what I want.  And nothing is filed or categorised at all for the whole of 2007 and 2008.  The new camera will be here hence, a new leaf.  I hate having to actually learn Vista better to get around the way I should have been getting around all this time. Lazy and that’s about the only word for it.
My youngest was here very briefly awhile ago.  he took the day off so as to be at his home when he changed from Comcast to another ISP.  He returned Comcast’s equipment to them here where I live and stopped by on his way back to his town.  Meanwhile, in anticipation of the new camera and etc. he showed me how to set up files with categories.  Because there are so many from 2007 and 2008, we just put them into a file called 2008.  Sigh.  So NOW I have to manually do all this stuff instead of just poking the memory stick in and having everything dump to My Pictures.  AND I learned the magic art (kidding) of reformatting the memory card.  Now that I will be doing everything manually, I have to reformat too.  He is a hard taskmaster.  I sat there in confusion over the look of an empty file (I know..I am laughing too) and he asked if I had a neuron misfire or something!  When it’s all new to takes a minute especially when you only use the computer to blog and email.  No learning required there. 
Meanwhile I was glad to be greeting the Muscovy guys out I said, very polite and non demanding.  Just walked up slowly, with some dignity and stood waiting.  When I confessed to having nothing for them to eat, they kept me company after posing and luckily for my conscience, another vehicle came to the dock and commenced to feeding my well behaved friends.
I goofed in posting the photo and let it be too small.  I had a flurry of phone calls after that and just left it.  Now, the heck with it.
Totally changing topics as I always do, I say that: Black is the best color for me it seems in wearing apparel.  I always knew this but each time I wear a black or charcoal color top, I realize it anew.  My hair is bright and glistens outside in the day light. (the wonder of great hair products in the market place never ceases to amaze me!) So, wearing black sets it, my hair, off to its best advantage.  My choice of jewelry while wearing dark colors such as black and deep blue is almost always bold silver.  It’s a good combination for a fair hued person as myself.  (I look like a white dinner plate in coloration if I am not wearing my fake tan.  But my freckles will help you find me..that and the blue eyes) (Two blue marbles on the china plate I mentioned when I have no makeup on.  I am pale).
Having broadcast that, I suppose I will finally read the morning’s papers. I have been around to many of you..headed to more after the paper.  You want the comics section?  After me, you come first.