I went on a cleaning spree yesterday evening.  I removed three large cloth bags full of hardcover books from one of the book shelves.  I was not too sad as these particular ones were not old friends as are so many others.  Old friends are the books I read and re-read many times.  I also winnowed out quite a few paperbacks that have lost their appeal.  I took everything to the used book store.  I only got $35.00 for them but that was better than I had and…I don’t have the clutter they created since they were not going to be read again.

Rather than make two blogs, one for the picture a day and one regular one, I thought I would combine them both.

I am trying to get up the wherewithal to clean out the closets of clothes again and be more brutal this time.  I especially want to get to what is on all the shelving.  I never see it hardly ever or think of whatever is there, hence, it needs to go.  Someone..anyone of you git over here and help me get a thousand or so books that are in some bookcases (not the ones stored where I have no room for them) out, piled all in one central location and then, re-shelved according to category.  I can do it of course but that is a tedious job and I want company.  Every time I mention it to friends they back off with the speed of light.  I tell them I will do the work..they can sit, drink coke, coffee, water whatever and supervise.  I actually mean that but no one believe me and so I keep stalling.  Of course I would love company.  Even supervision and suggestions..so you bossy ones, come on over.

This photo is of my now 15 year old wooden, jointed and handcrafted (not by me) Cat Fairy.  She has a magic wand that will be to your right, that she has raised…all ready to bestow your fondest wish.  I should have lowered her arms so you could see the top of her magic wand.  But I am learning to do all pictures manually now, and filing them,not just dumping them in..so I don’t want to go back just yet and re-take her picture.  Let’s see if I can get it onto this page and I will consider myself as taught well by my boy!