Well, I am used to dealing with all manner of people as that was a large part of my career lo these years.  And my ability to talk, gab, natter, whatever you will makes for some interesting segues as I go out into stores of any kind. Today was no different.

I had gone off to a grocery store without my list I add to each day but had getting Irish Spring soap on my mind.  It has been a favorite all this time since I had to leave the German soap "Fa" behind in Europe, despite having brought as many bars as we could back with us.  Irish Spring took its place both in fragrance and coloration.  Meanwhile, to my point (I am a typical Southerner..always beating around the bush and never getting to the point). (or so said my husband..a Yankee if there ever was one).

It is like a Spring day out there in that the temperature is about 63.  Nevertheless, I wore a light fleece jacket with Eeyore on it.  Winnie the Pooh is my signature if I am going to wear a Disney character (and I frequently do) but Eeyore was adorable and on sale so he came home with me.  But my point being..I was striding thru another the store in search of the soap I had forgotten to get while pciking up fruits and veggies at the first store and a stranger spoke to me saying how adorable my fleece jacket was and that Eeyore was her favorite.  One thing led to another and about a thirty five minute conversation took place.  This happens all the time..people just talk to me.  Go figure.  Must be my great hair day.  So, within minutes she was showing me all her tattoos.  The ones on her lower back, and the ones on her leg..her neck and the plans for several more were discussed in detail.  Then we got into her piercings.  There are 18 in her ears..and one eyebrow ring and one nose piercing.  She said she had many others (piercings) so I thought the best thing to do at that ppoint rather than TMI was to discuss the clarity and colorfulness of her tattoos.  I sure didn’t want to see personal piercings, don’tcha know?  She then allowed that she is going to have a bunch of Eeyores tattooed onto her ankle.  I said ankle tattoos are painful.  More so than in other places.  So that started us off again onto the tattoo thing.  It was fun.  I was getting a little uncomfortably warm due to a long sleeved shirt on under the fleece jacket so I excused myself..but not before she told me where she works and what she does in the hope that Miss Catt will come and be groomed.  (she’s a groomer in her mom’s place of business) Miss Catt would have a little bundle tied to the end of a wooden stick with all her worldly belongings and out there hitching a ride away from me if I ever dared take her to a groomer.  No way, no how.

If I go to a restaurant I usually see someone who knows me and conversations ensue.  I am one of those who do not mind going anywhere by myself.  I am never alone long and sometimes I get a drink sent to my table (thing is, I don’t drink).  But I always smile. 

In my blog yesterday I said my books are old friends.  I have never ever given any away until yesterday.  With a thousand or so..and if you aren’t ever re-reading certain ones and the shelves have broken a time or two as the books are three deep per shelf..time to let the ones you never read, go.  That’s why.  Mass quantity is not always where to be.  A drop of 25 or so is not a concern when they are never read any more.  All my friends are still there. 

I will do the picture for the 365 later, tater.