My goodness.  I drove all the way to The Big City to get something from one of my boys’ home and bring it back here to a framery shop when I found the dead bolt would not turn in his front door.  The bottom lock did open, but not the top. I called and he said he’d had a problem as well.  So, since he was at work, I came on home.  I thought to call him back and did later to tell him to see about getting some powdered graphite in the meanwhile. If Spiderman had answered his cell phone, he could have come over to assist me by getting in one of the windows.I got his VM.  I promised not to give out his number, so don’t ask.
I read the neatest thing in yesterday’s paper.  It told the reader about a new and really good in your home by live artists (beats dead ones) for you and your invited by you friends. 
The article spoke of a small but very appreciative audience in a couple’s home, of fifteen people.  The performance that the paper was reporting on started at seven thirty in the evening and lasted several hours with a half hour break between sets.  It’s called a Private House Concert.  These performers are excellent but what can be called second string as they are not usually playing in clubs except perhaps as a sit in substitute.  But these Private Home Concerts suit the performers well as they are away from smoke, the usual club atmosphere and all the things that go with that including noise.  At a private home, the audience truly and really wants to hear the music and they are an appreciative audience.  The performers may be and usually are, the article states, young artists who are over looked in bookings for clubs etc..  These concerts give them even more experience and most times a following and eventually, the artist(s) may break into the big time. House Concert artists usually charge about fifteen dollars per person attending.  They can and do sell their CD’s and so on.  Not a bad money earning operation.
The artists usually mix with the audience invitees and hang out before and after if desired and usually, I read, that is wanted. and enjoyed  Sounds great.  I wish I had a large enough house to do that.  Just thought you might be interested in learning about that.  Depending on your area, you might wish to engage musician artists yourselves for a wonderful home concert.
I had someone come over and give me an estimate on replacing all of the windows here at the house.  I need to call back and ask three questions.  So…see you in a while.