Things to do and people to annoy, that is my credo today.  I did have the salesperson here yesterday..two regard to an estimate toward the possibility of window replacement.  Goodness knows they need replacing. They are original with the house, which was built in the mid 50’s. They are the sort with aluminum frames and wind and cold pass through them as though there was no barrier at all.  Not much of an exaggeration.  The price he quoted was not that bad when you take everything into consideration.  As it is a local business, the pricing was not as high as if I had called the nationally advertised ones.  I believe I will take the plunge.

Those who have any interest can take a look at my profile and see a small list of my hobbies.  I am interested in many things and keep up with many of them.  I could not  list all my interests but there are a number of them.  If you are one of my blog family then from time to time you have probably noticed a few more than I have listed.  As for today’s photo, several of you know I am a gemstone rough collector and have been for a long time.  It is a passion of mine.  Hobbies and collections are a part of me as they are of many others.  We all have our special interests.  That is what makes us all unique and fun to get to know.

I have some things to get done today for someone else.  As soon as I comb my hair I am gone for awhile getting that done. 

Have a wonderful day.