I am as pleased as can be.  My new Nikon SLR is here. It is a D-40. It got here late yesterday afternoon.  It isn’t the top of the line  SLR for certain but it is quite a step up for me personally from my Nikon point and shoot.
After some fuming and a pair of tweezers I finally got the strap attached.  Good grief.  That was a JOB!  I will say it probably took me 8-10 minutes fumbling, pulling and fuming. I suppose once you get used to it it isn’t so bad. The good news is, you only have to attach it once.  I have it set up except now for one element in the time of day, and all I need do is put in the memory card after I make sure I am in the jpg configuration.  I can’t do those that aren’t jpg at this point as I am completely inexperienced.
I have all my errands run this morning.  I was going out to a lunch but decided against it. I have to go back to Wally World and get another camera bag.  Point to remember for myself.  TAKE the CAMERA! That way I will know if I have the right size which I do not.  Sigh.
I took care of another thing for the youngest and now, when that is finished I will get a call and he can finish something that he could not do a month or so ago.  I can’t say what it is as the persons this concerns read the blog.
Speaking of blogs, whenever I mention this next, some folks always says they don’t care about it and never look at them—and I admire their not caring, but..I care when the stats show that no one has visited.  This has been going on for weeks.  Since a few days after their change over.  It is not accurate of course.  There may have been the usual hundreds but..0 or maybe 3 is all it will show.  I may have 15 for a week.  30 on a good week.  Naturally that is not so, but that is what the stats show.  I have written several times asking if they can adjust that and they said ultimately that they were sorry but too bad.  A sort of "maybe one day"   It is a little discouraging for me.  However I know there are some of the blog family who don’t feel that way and don’t care what their stats say if they even look at them..  I happen to, however. 
Meanwhile, after whining about that, I volunteered to do some dress shirt ironing for the youngest.  So let me get in there and get ironing.  (I like ironing.  I’m crazy.)
Before I go, I just wanted to say take some time to show some love to others you see and talk to. It may mean the difference in someones day.  I try to be a sweetie but many times I forget and I concentrate too much on what I am doing to look up.  However I am looking to change that sometimes inattention.  And show that love to your animal friends too.  Those that live with you and depend on you…to whom you are the world and everything in it.  Show them you love them too by paying real attention to them sometimes in the day..playing with them, and grooming them.  They’re worth it, aren’t they?  I know they are every time I do all of that for mine.  Why did I say this?  I just looked into my room again a minute ago and and once again, Miss Catt is stretched out lengthwise on my side of the bed and that little head of hers is situated on my pillow.  It’s so danged cute!!!  Even if I do have to run the lint roller over the spot 5 times a day. 
Go love on someone..they’re waiting.