Let me tell you..I had gone into the kitchen to finish setting up the camera.  Each time I tried to read the menu and act on whatever and  the menu would blacken within 3 seconds.  Not a lot of reading to be done with a dark display.  Hit the menu button again and the display is back but only for a couple seconds.  Go to black again.  Repeat this till the frustration level commands I call a son who has the whoopty doo Nikon D300.  He felt, after looking at the instruction manual on-line (we are separated by 16 miles) that there was a possibility the camera was defective. Till then, I did not know just how much I wanted the camera and how much I wanted to succeed with it.  I found out because I felt the sting of tears as I took off the lens and prepared to re-pack it.  I saw there was a lot of undoing to get accomplished.  My son said "Meet me half way in _____ and I will see for certain if it is defective.  I have to get my hands on it."  So, we met half way and he had it straight as a pin within 2 minutes.  The instructions are not user friendly at all when it comes to the nitty gritty about resetting some things for totally ignorant people.  Apparently there are 18 things on that part of the menu but I could not get past a frustrating 6.  All is well now and me and my new baby came home.

I tried taking my very first photo of you-know-who, but you-know-who kept walking into my lap as I sat on the floor.  (I am trying to remember, get down where the subject is..no pictures taken standing above the subject).  So, I took a picture of the doll and teddie in HER rocking chair where you have seen her in peaceful repose before.

I took a shower and came back to the camera.  I readied myself to try again with my uncooperative subject.  I readied, steadied the camera, held it correctly too I might add..and could not see a blamed thing through the view finder.  I twisted things..I flipped things..I agonized..got mad..tried again..and in the process of turning the camera upside down to shake out the bad feeling it was harboring toward me…VOILA!  Eureka!  I discovered I had the lens cap on.  SIGH!!!!  My son said that Nikon had not yet invented the x-ray Nikon..but it should be along soon for those as myself.

Took that off and tried again.  All my four pictures so far are mundane and I have done nothing to them.  But I will put one in for the 365 later.  I and tghe camera are both fitted out with our training wheels which means we are in auto right now.  I have no clue what I am doing and I will have to learn..  My pictures are still fuzzy so I need to re-do the focusing thingy’s in the view finder.
Meanwhile..the Salon awaits my amber waves of hair..so see ya.